Julee Pfeil

Executive Director- I have been a part of The Zone for 7 years. I was a part of the original staff from 2007-1010 when The Zone was under CCDC, Community Character Development Coalition. I believe in the mission of The Zone and the potential in each young person that comes through our doors. I have had the great privilege to work with youth over the last 14 years. I am committed to helping meet a need in our community to provide support for youth development during the critical adolescent years. I especially have a passion for working with youth who need extra support with character development and other resources to graduate from high school and become all they can be.



Levi Baber

Program Director- I have been with The Zone since July of 2015. I enjoy spending my time with students and getting to know their story. I had people in my life that help me develop and create my own story. These people were very influential in my journey and helped me along the way. My goal is to be there for the students and help them along their journey throughout school and life. I want to help them think about their future and the goals that they want to achieve. I am here to listen and care for the students. 




Greg Priebe

Directo of Mentoring & Family Support - I have been involved with The Zone since 2012 as a founding board member, and entered my new role as a staff member in December 2015. I really enjoy the students at The Zone and hope to assist them on their individual journeys of school and life

I have lived in Norfolk for the past 36 years and my wife and I raised 3 boys here, who are now all grown up and married.  I have 5 grandchildren, and I love being a “grandpa.” Some of The Zone students have started calling me “Oogway” from the Kung Foo Panda movies.  I like the idea of being the oldest and one of the “wise-ones” here who get to interact with the Zone youth, families and staff. 

“Yesterday is history; tomorrow is mystery; and today is a gift.”   Oogway


Alexis Larsen

Mentor Staff- I'm currently a junior of Wayne State College. I am studying Human Service Counseling in hopes to graduate and become a children's counselor. Along with working at The Zone, I also work with kids at my Church. I truly believe that there is a strong need for the future generation to experience love and guidance, especially if they don't experience it at home. I absolutely love working with The Zone youth!



Mike Nordyke

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Halie Fleecs

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 Jerardo Romero

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